Bindle & Keep



We all know what it’s like to search for clothing. In the retail landscape, we’re often forced to make compromises that make us feel uncomfortable with our clothing and too often ourselves. We welcome our clients to the custom landscape where suits are more than clothing; they’re an accurate expression of who we are. Whether you’ve worn suits for years or never at all, you’ll be in good hands.

In anticipation of your first appointment with us, we encourage you to meditate on your vision of the perfect suit — scroll through our Instagram, make a Pinterest board and if you’d like, bring along the visual aids you feel will help communicate your fit and personal aesthetic. The most important thing you should bring, however, is yourself.

We encourage you to take your time browsing our suits and fabric swatches. Feel free show us something you already own, tell us why you like it (or why you don’t), how you’d like to look and feel. We want you to ask questions; we’re trained to listen.

© Daniel Lopez Perez

© Daniel Lopez Perez