Like So

In anticipation of our meeting we encourage you to scout your vision of the perfect suit—scour the internet, tear pages from magazines, and mentally screencap the ideal sartorial turn you’d like us to produce.

Take your time; tour the swatches, ask away. Show us a suit you already own and love, tell us how you’d like to look, how you want to feel. Never be afraid of asking questions; we’re trained to listen carefully and advise you accordingly

We favor a sleek and fitted cut, but whether you fancy two or three buttons, double or single vents, jetted or flapped pockets, Bindle and Keep will meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.


Warp and Woof

Our Miles of Textiles

As a determining factor, your choice of fabric must match your pocketbook as well as your lifestyle. While the process may seem overwhelming—especially for the 1st time customer—our knowledgeable staff will provide as much or as little insight as desired, with no sales tricks or up-selling. Whether it’s a hearty tweed for a harsh climate or a breezy seersucker for a wedding in the tropics, we’ll guide you towards a fabric that fits both your purpose and personality.


Standard Issue

Your druthers aside, each and every Bindle and Keep suit comes house-styled with the following features:

  • Handcrafted collars with leaf-turned edges
  • Hand-picked stitching
  • Relaxed German shoulder pads
  • Hand-sewn horsehair canvas
  • Triple layered sweat shields
  • Deluxe Bemberg lining
  • Silk buttonhole threads
  • Interior iPhone pocket
  • Heel guards
  • Hidden change pockets
  • Two-piece hand finished waistband

The Indigenous Inch


Our 30 Point Fit Profile captures a three dimensional portrait of your body, mapping everything from basic lengths and widths to your circumference and stance. The measurements are stored with our master tailors, so future purchases are hassle-free.



Our Hands, Your Bidding

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

As you writhe in anticipation, our staff is hard at work, chalking and hand-cutting the clothes you’ve selected. On average, this magic takes about 8 to 9 weeks.

During wedding season (March-September) additional production time may be required.

Oh, Happy Day!

The Delivery

You’re excited! We’re excited! Put your suit on and let’s both be delighted….


Yours, Truly


As you may have guessed, fit is everything.

A genuinely bespoke suit typically requires a minimum of three fittings to fine-tune to your form: Shall we taper the leg further? Does the suit ‘sit’ comfortably with you? Were you to dance (and dance you must, eventually) would this cut lead or follow?

An exercise in perfectionism, the refinement stage of our work insures that we’re delivering the ultimate fit, a second skin that’s guaranteed to make you feel and look your best.

Pricing and Packages

Our extensive array of fabrics hail from every corner of the globe; the finest wools (Super 120's, Super 160's, Super 180's), cashmeres, and tweeds have been carefully selected to insure that you look smashing regardless of the price point or thread-count.


The Wink

Tier One

One custom bespoke suit or tuxedo with your choice of luxury super 100s or 120s worsted wool


Mixed Magic

3 Winks               $1,987
3 Nods                 $2,487
3 High Signs      $2,987


Custom Coating

Pea & Top Coats    $895
Morning Coats       $995


The Nod

Tier Two

One custom bespoke suit or tuxedo made with your choice of luxury super 100s and 120s or super 140s Italian two-ply wool (available in charcoals and midnight blues)


Like to Like

Client Referral 

When your friends become our friends—and clients—we’ll happily honor your faith in us with a complimentary bespoke shirt. Every connection we share in kind only further stocks your closet—and sharpens up your social set.

Everybody wins!


The High Sign

Tier Three

One custom bespoke suit or tuxedo, your choice of premium super 160s and 180s worsted wool, cashmere or tweed. 

Holland and Sherry fabrics start at $1,695.



Our custom shirts are sewn from the finest Egyptian, Italian, and American cottons and come in dozens of collar, cuff, buttoning, and pocket options. 


Better Together

5 shirts/1 Complimentary
10 shirts/3 Complimentary