Pricing and Packages

Our extensive array of fabrics hail from every corner of the globe; the finest wools (Super 120's, Super 160's, Super 180's), cashmeres, and tweeds have been carefully selected to insure that you look smashing regardless of the price point or thread-count.


The Wink

Tier One

One custom bespoke suit or tuxedo with your choice of luxury super 100s or 120s worsted wool



Wink             $265
Nod               $331
High Sign      $398

Mixed Magic

3 Winks               $1,987
3 Nods                 $2,487
3 High Signs      $2,987


Custom Coating

Pea & Top Coats    $895
Morning Coats       $995


The Nod

Tier Two

One custom bespoke suit or tuxedo made with your choice of luxury super 100s and 120s or super 140s Italian two-ply wool (available in charcoals and midnight blues)


Like to Like

Client Referral 

When your friends become our friends—and clients—we’ll happily honor your faith in us with a complimentary bespoke shirt. Every connection we share in kind only further stocks your closet—and sharpens up your social set.

Everybody wins!


The High Sign

Tier Three

One custom bespoke suit or tuxedo, your choice of premium super 160s and 180s worsted wool, cashmere or tweed. 

Holland and Sherry fabrics start at $1,695.



Our custom shirts are sewn from the finest Egyptian, Italian, and American cottons and come in dozens of collar, cuff, buttoning, and pocket options. 


Better Together

5 shirts/1 Complimentary
10 shirts/3 Complimentary