Our purpose is singular; our methods time-honored and true. The only variables in the art we practice today come from you—our deft hands, extensive array of fabrics, and years of expertise are all at your disposal.

The exact combination of fabric, lining, and cut you choose in our first meeting had never existed before that moment and, until you say otherwise, never will again. Lonesome as it may be in your closet—and dare we say, the world—that is the very definition of “one of a kind.”

A bespoke suit is not merely a purchase (although it does cost $).

A bespoke suit is a self-portrait in fabric, a studied collaboration between client and tailor that results in a singularly personal garment calibrated for life’s momentous occasions, but comfortable enough to sleep in.

About Us

Bindle & Keep: An Uncommon Thread

Our name is an idea, a goal.

The bindlestick belongs to the traveler, the seeker for whom the world is forever in motion, forever ahead.

Our “keep” is our home, our destination, the place where our bindle may be laid aside.

Like our clients, we are moving forward, lighting out for the very frontiers that will one day become our home.

We believe that the road rises to meet us both; together, we'll explore its twists and turns, threading our way to a future that fits as well our suits.