Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make an appointment? 

Please visit the section on our website titled “Schedule A Fitting” to fill out an appointment request from. We love to know what you’re about, so feel free to be as detailed as possible and most importantly, let us know your target date so we can meet your needs.


How long does it take to have a suit made? 

Our typical turnaround time for are garments are 10-11 weeks from the first appointment to the 2nd fitting. Followed by about a week for alterations. Ideally, we’d love to see 15 weeks before your target date.


What should I expect during my first fitting? 

During the first fitting, we discuss what your vision is for your suit and welcome any photos, pinterest boards, or inspiration imagery you might have to share. We go over fabrics, linings and details for your garments. We learn about your experience with clothing and your needs for your suit, and you learn about suits and tailoring. Finally and most importantly, we take measurements. We encourage you to wear something comfortable including a pair of pants you feel fit you the best.


I anticipate my body changing dramatically in the next few months. Will this affect anything? 

We greatly appreciate when you plan ahead and are happy to see you far in advance before your target date, but if you plan on going through a dramatic transformation, please try and see us closer to 12-13 weeks from your target date. Even though our garment are made to be adjusted, we can only measure you for the body you have during the first fitting.


What should I expect during my second fitting? 

Once your garments arrive, you will receive an email from us inviting you to return and try on your garments for the first time. Since alterations are a part of the process, we will make any additional adjustments to your garments once we see how it fits. Alterations to our garments are done in-house and typically take 1-2 weeks to complete.


What if I just want a shirt? Is the production time faster for a single garment? 

All of our garments require the same production time of 10-11 weeks.


Can I expedite an order for an additional cost? 

Unfortunately, we cannot expedite any orders.


What days are you open for appointments? How long does each appointment take? 

We are open 7 days a week from 11-7. First fittings are booked for a 2 hour time slot and second fittings are booked for a 1 hour time slot. Weekends book much further in advance then weekdays, and during wedding season (May - October) weekends can book up to a month and half in advance so please plan accordingly.


Do you offer remote fitting? 

For an initial appointment, we require that you meet us in person at our studio here in Brooklyn, New York. It is important for us to get the measurements right, and that is best done if we’re able to capture the measurements ourselves in person. However, for clients who are unable to return to NYC for their 2nd fitting, we do offer the option of doing a remote 2nd fitting over Skype/FaceTime.


Do you make accessories such as ties or pocket squares?

We do not make accessories at this time, but are happy to suggest some of our favorite places. Be sure to inquire during your appointment.


Is it possible to purchase extra fabric?

We do not offer extra fabric for sale.


Can I use my own fabrics to make my suit?

Unfortunately, we can only use the fabrics we provide to make your suit.


Are alterations free?

We offer free alterations for the life of the garment.


Do you offer alterations on garments made elsewhere?

Unfortunately, due to our high production volume, we do not offer alteration work on outside garments.


I ripped my suit! Can you fix it or replace for free?

If there are any issues with your garments, please reach out to us so that we can assess the damage. While we offer free alterations, we do not replace torn, ripped, or worn out garments.


Is it possible to have a vegan suit made?

Absolutely!We offer several vegan friendly fabric choices in varying price ranges and are happy to accomodate these needs.


How should I care for my suit?

In order to extend the life and health of your garments all Bindle & Keep products should be dry cleaned only, including shirts. At home washing may lead to shrinkage and damage to your garments.


Where are the suits made?

The initial construction phase happens at our studio in in Thailand where four four master tailors, make each clients individual patter, cut and assemble the suits. Alteration work is all done by our in-house seamstress here in Brooklyn.


Do you also make dresses?

Unfortunately, our focus is on custom suiting, however, we do offer skirts as an option as well.


My friends and family want to come along to take part in the experience. How many people can I bring?

Getting a custom suit is an exciting experience and we understand the interest in having a support team to help with the process. However, our studio is very small and we often have multiple clients at the same time. For this reason, we ask that each client brings a maximum of two other people along for their appointments.


How much do suits cost?

Our garment prices are based on the cost of the fabric and broken up into three pricing tiers. If you are looking to get a more specialized fabrics, we offer those as well. Details about our pricing can be found on our Pricing & Packages page.


Can I just get a jacket or pants instead of an entire suit?

We are happy to make jackets or pants on their own. Jackets are priced at 2/3rds the cost of a full suit, while pants are priced at 1/3rd


I am coming from out of town and cannot make it back for my second fitting. What is the best way to get my garments once they are made? 

We offer free domestic shipping on all of our garments if you are unable to make it back for your second fitting. From there, we can do Skype/Facetime fittings if additional adjustments need to be made to your garments.